information technology

Information Technology Trends 2018.


information technology

A company, big or small, has a singular objective of running and expanding its business. That is to increase its revenue. The previous year has grown the scope and intervention of digital and information technology (IT) like anything. It is expected that 2018 will show up much bigger and better Information Technology trends. The companies will raise their monetary purposes and economy will get a hype using the trending techs. As the economy grows, 60% of respondents expect their corporate earnings to increase in 2018. Almost half the companies across the globe (44%) are expected to increase their Information Technology budgets.

Some of the most popular and discussed Information Technology trends in 2018 are mentioned below:

information technology

  • Chatbots in customer service and support – With the limited adoption of chatbots in previous years, they’re now being mainstream as their benefits can be seen and enjoyed. Unlike manual customer service and support replies, chatbots are learning how to respond to customers’ queries. They are learning to predict what the consumer is asking for. Chatbots are being optimized extensively. They are being trained to further lead questioning to create a conversation with the user to better understand their behavior.
  • Better data protection laws: From storing, processing and transmitting the data, everything is online. Since every business process is turning digitized, it’s necessary to keep the records of their customers safe and protected. Data protection laws are being framed in order to secure users’ privacy. They’ll help to prevent data abuse and criminal activities like fraud or theft. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest example of such laws.
  • Blockchain in identified business security: Blockchain is known for its safe and unique system of records and assets. Any individual can have a strongly encrypted authentication mechanism, protecting their data from random users breaking in. Areas like banking and healthcare are expected to adopt blockchain this year.information technology
  • Cloud adoption in medium and large enterprises: Private cloud strategy has never been adopted as a starting point by governments or companies. However, data privacy risks are understood and processes have been put in place to eliminate them. Cloud companies invest a big amount in their cloud applications and platforms. Their cloud security team is much more experienced and stronger. Slowly, companies are becoming confident about cloud data security.

This year, companies are going to break their shells and adopt information technology to the most. Sophisticated security solutions and better technologies are going to remain and business models are going to be transformed.

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