Mobile app development company in India

Mobile App Development Company in India

Quarks Technosoft is one of the leading Mobile app development company in India and USA. We are helping people to achieve their business objectives through effective technology solutions. We are one of the best Mobile app development company in India and  USA and we help people to develop mobile applications, consult them on back-end application frameworks and help them in testing their mobile applications on multiple devices. we use our advanced technologies and methodologies in line with best global practices to deliver lasting value to people around the world.

Quarks were formed in June 2009 by IIT Delhi graduates, we are the best innovation brand in India enriched with tire one developers and serving top-notch clients across domains, Our team incorporates 30 expert consultants, programmers, project managers, and trainers. We have successfully delivered 200+ projects in the last 3 years of operations and we are one of the best Mobile app development company in India and USA.

Quarks Mobile app development company in India:


Central government and state governments in India spend vast resource on developmental schemes, but beneficiaries are unaware of these schemes. Kalyani is designed to create awareness about the government schemes and help Indian people to avail benefits of the government scheme. Kalyani provides its users the recommended schemes from among more than hundreds of schemes of center and the states as per the information filled by the user. Kalyani processes the information of schemes and provides the pinpointed details of Benefits, Eligibility, Document requirements and How to Apply for schemes.

  • Get benefits of Welfare schemes of India
  • Find suitable schemes for yourself
  • Database 750+ Central and State schemes
  • Get schemes related queries resolved

This app was developed by Quarks Technosoft and is available in google play store.

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Quark’s Mobile App Testing:

Mobile application testing needs special tools and test methods. The variety of mobile technologies, platforms, and devices causes extra difficulties in developing and testing mobile applications. Mobile application testing differs significantly from the standard approach of testing applications designed for use on PCs because of a large number of the mobile device features and the variety of mobile platforms. There are many features that must be considered during testing of applications for mobile devices.The key moments are:

  • Operations with memory, control of memory leaks;
  • The use of disk space, stability in the limited space on the drive, logging, work with memory cards;
  • The intensity of power consumption, sensitivity to the charge;
  • Correct localization;
  • Data synchronization with the phone book, calendar, programs on your PC;
  • Standards compliance (Symbian Signed certification, Java Verified testing, etc.);
  • Support for various screen resolutions, portrait and landscape modes;
  • Internet connection using an optimum connection: Active Sync, USB, GPRS, Wi-Fi; work under conditions of unstable connection;
  • Stability of the application for incoming / outgoing calls, sending and receiving SMS / MMS;
  • Correct install/remove of programs in the phone memory and memory card;
  • Stable work under conditions of stress, recovery from failures.

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