php web application development company

PHP Web Application Development Company

Quarks Technosoft is a leading PHP Web Application Development Company in India and USA offering a comprehensive range of custom of PHP application development services that steer your business to the next level, streamline processes and enhance your business growth. It was formed in June 2009 by IIT Delhi graduates and it is one of the best PHP Web Application Development Company in India and USA.

Leveraging on the deep domain expertise of our PHP professionals who adopt industry best-practices and methodologies, quarks delivers most comprehensive PHP Web Applications Development Company and solutions for a diverse range of industry verticals. We offer customized PHP Web Application Development Company and solutions to comply with the business objectives, organizational structure and workflow management of different enterprises.

Quark’s Services:

Quarks Technosoft is best PHP Web Application Development Company and we offers a number of services for the people around the world, they are:

  • Web Applications
  • ERP/ CRM
  • Custom Cms Development
  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Consulting
  • UI/UX Design
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Maintenance Services
  • Java/J2EE Training
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • E-Commerce Applications.

Why Choose Quarks Technosoft for PHP Web Application Development Company?

We are one of the top PHP Web Application Development Company who is providing end-to-end PHP website development services. Our Experts: PHP developers offers extensive experience in PHP, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX and Open Source to deliver cost-effective PHP programming services.

We offer secure, robust, and scalable development. We have great experience in MVC and we deploy it to create impressive, efficient and reusable web applications using PHP.

We are the best PHP Web Application Development Company in India and USA and one of the top brands of India enriched with tire one developers and serving top-notch clients across the domains, Our team includes 30 expert consultants, programmers, project managers, and trainers. We have successfully delivered 200+ projects in the last 3 years of working operations and we are one of the best PHP Web Application Development Company. Have a look at some of our Projects

Quarks Projects:

Project Name: Caratlane Mobile Site (A Tanishq Partnership) – Part of Tata Group

Project Intro: e-Commerce platform for jewelry shopping

Technology Stack: Angular JS, Java/J2EE, Elastic Search

Challenges addressed:

  1. Majority of users browse sites through their phones and it is imperative to give excellent mobile experience. The challenge was to give the same experience – Look & Feel, Performance as the user gets in native mobile apps without actually downloading it.
  2. Technically a lot of things need to be done to achieve the performance metrics like.
    1. Page load time must be less than 10 seconds to reduce the bounce rate. We achieved 4 seconds of load time
    2. Lazy loading of the resources must be done to boost the experience


Resource Minification/Compression: – Minified & Compressed JS/CSS files

Resource Optimization: CSS Sprites

Third Party Resource Loading: Analytics Scripts, Marketing Scripts (Async Loading)

Comparison: All performance metrics beat Bluestine, Flipkart, Snapdeal – other e-commerce giants

Tools Used for Performance:

Results: Sales conversion increased from 12% to 30% after launch in 1-month project

Name: Magic Bricks (Auction) Portal

Project Information: Portal enables auction of properties.

Target: To cater primarily to the banks and asset restructuring companies where they sell the NPAs via online auctions.


  1. Tight integration with magicbricks was done using REST APIs. Banks/Builders can post properties, define EMD, and approve/reject bidder’s application to participate.
  2. Online bidding platform was created to facilitate online bids (with robust security mechanisms).
  3. The dashboard was provided to property owners to monitor bids and to access bidder data wherever applicable.
  4. Payment Gateway integration was done for payment collection and refunds. ISO 25001 and STQC certification was taken to be eligible for banks bidding.


Challenges addressed:

  1. Robust Security mechanisms that such an auction platform requires.
  2. Meeting regulatory requirements to carry out e-auction of real estate in India

Project Name: Times Ascent

Project Intro: This is the online version of Times Ascent weekly print in jobs domain. More than 2+ million users use the platform for jobs, articles, events, job fairs. The platform also powers employers to use AI(artificial intelligence) backed HRMS for managing their hiring needs.

Technology Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JQuery, Tiles, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Mongo, MySql, SOLR, Burning Glass(AI)

Challenges addressed:

  1. To develop home-grown CMS to enable editors for punching/managing content (articles/events/job fairs)
  2. Integration of print division with online portal in terms of feeds
  3. Development of workflow for punching data(jobs) from paper advertisements Matching Engine -> Candidate with Jobs (Candidate Module), Jobs with Candidate (Employer Module)
  4. Extracting information from candidate resume -> Personal Details, Employment Details, Education Details, Skills etc


Misc Info: This project was won in a bid against a major Indian IT company and was developed in 1/2 time and 1/3 budge

Project Name: Magic Bricks (Content) Portal

Project Info: This is the content platform of magicbricks (India’s leading real estate portal). This platform is for real estate articles

/analysis/research and related content.

Challenges faced: Original portal was developed on WordPress and faced performance issues whenever traffic crossed 500 concurrent users, leading to the crash of the application.

Solution offered :

  1. Java/J2EE based CMS portal which can scale horizontally and is also ready for the development of custom requirements by the content team
  2. Java-based CMS platform was developed and all the basic custom tags of WordPress were developed in Java.
  3. Entire WordPress database was ported to a custom database. Application went live in 3 months (along with data migration)



  1. Creating a flexible system of WordPress which is very good on SEO, and has good management interfaces for content.
  2. Data migration from WordPress to the custom db, without losing a bit of it.
  3. Building a product that matched the strength of WordPress and had a database with more security, flexibility, query sorting/ interaction.

Project Name: MailBomber

Project Intro: Mailing infrastructure for Times of India

Technology Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JQuery, Tiles, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Mongo, MySql, Spring Batch

Challenges addressed:

Performance: Infra created for sending parallel campaigns – with capacity of 10,000 mails in a minute

Volume: Till now the tool has sent 6,000 crores+ mails (in 6 months)

Quality: Content of the mail has to be checked for spam prevention

IP Warming: Servers have to be warmed up till the time email providers like Gmail, Yahoo recognize them

Velocity: Velocity of mailing per IP/per domain has to be checked consistently

feedback loop: log of bounces has to be processed regularly + spams marked by users have to be handled

Project Name: JobBuzz

Project Intro:  Career Research Portal which enables candidates to make intelligent/informed career choices. JobBuzz has consistently helped them make career decisions based on the most authentic data available online. Every interview question, company review, salary data and job on JobBuzz has been carefully moderated by experts.

More than 6+ million users use the platform for career-related research.

Technology Stack: REST Architecture, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Mongo, Orient DB (Graph Database), MySql, SOLR

Challenges addressed: REST Architecture, Angular JS, Performance

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